Admin: Resits

As with all modules, students who do not achieve a pass mark for this module may be offered a second chance by the departmental examinations board to 'resit'. Please make sure that you have registered with the Academic Office for the resit by clicking in the 'Yes' button on your student record on the web. Since we don't do exams in this module a 'resit' means 'submit a replacement assignment' for any assignment(s) which achieved a mark of less than 40. Students with medical resits can resubmit a failed assignments with the original topic/question. Students who simply failed to submit or failed due to poor work must submit a different assignment from the published lists: if you submit a version of the same assignment that you originally submitted we will not be able to mark it. Your 'resit' assignment(s) must also be chosen from the original list(s) of assignment options. If you failed an assignment in Batch One, you must choose another title from Batch One. If you failed an assigment in Batch Two, you must choose another title from Batch Two. For this module, links to these appear below. You should, of course, aim to pass all modules in order to increase your chances of progressing into Part II.

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