How to Do a Shot-by-Shot Summary

For students unused to producing a 'shot-by-shot summary', note that it is often useful to submit such a summary as an appendix, and to include a selection of shots relevant to your argument in the main body of the text. A full shot-by-shot would not only include a representative frame from each shot but also a denotative (purely descriptive) summary of each shot, including in particular, shot sizes (close-up, long-shot etc.). You may find it useful to consult my online notes on 'The Grammar of Film & TV' at:

It is customary to include timings, a numbering of the separate shots, screenshots, a brief description of each shot including shot sizes and details of the soundtrack.

Here is an example of a shot-by-shot summary for a short film clip:

Here is a shot-by-shot summary for a television commercial:

For students unused to capturing stills and incorporating these into essays, see my separate notes on this at: