Assignments:  Batch One

You need to choose your first assignment from this list and your second one from the second batch. Click on each title for a reading list and guidelines. Please note that many students throw away marks by not paying close attention to the guidelines. You are very welcome to propose your own assignment topics if you have a particular interest that you would like to pursue, but you must get my written approval at least three weeks before the deadline.

For your assignment deadlines see the department's deadlines page.

  1. Illustrate and critically evaluate the psychological strategies typically used by advertisers to 'appeal' to consumers.
  2. Compare and contrast the form and content of ads for the same product (or a closely-related product from the same manufacturer) which are aimed primarily at women with those which are aimed primarily at men.
  3. Outline, illustrate and critically discuss the persuasive potential of the non-verbal dimension in advertising.
  4. 'Consumers exploit advertising', quips Jib Fowles. In what ways do consumers make use of advertising imagery for their own purposes?
  5. Outline, illustrate and critically discuss the main cultural critiques of advertising.
  6. Identify and illustrate the distinctive features of the visual styles of Calvin Klein fragrance ads in magazines and discuss their contribution to visual branding.
  7. Can ads be art?
  8. Illustrate and critically discuss the representation of masculinity in Marlboro cigarette ads.

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