Assignments:  Batch Two

You need to choose your second assignment from this list having already completed your first one - chosen from the first batch. Click on each title for a reading list and guidelines. Please note that many students throw away marks by not paying close attention to the guidelines. You are very welcome to propose your own assignment topics if you have a particular interest that you would like to pursue, but you must get my written approval at least three weeks before the deadline.

For your assignment deadlines see the department's deadlines page.

  1. What value is there in studying advertisements?
  2. 'Sex sells' - How and why? Give specific examples of current advertisements to illustrate your answer.
  3. Using examples from 'infamous' campaigns to illustrate your argument, critically evaluate the main aims and purposes of so-called controversial advertisements, and analyse the nature of the objections articulated by audience members.
  4. Outline and critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising in comparison to broadcast advertising.
  5. What is web personalisation? Critically discuss its main advantages and disadvantages as a social media advertising tool?
  6. Drawing upon a few examples critically evaluate the effectiveness of viral videos as an advertising strategy.
  7. Discuss and critique of the notion of memes. Is it a plausible theory to explain the effectiveness of viral advertising?
  8. What is subvertising and how effective is it in undermining the effectiveness of brand equities?
  9. Illustrate and critically discuss some of the ways in which subvertising strategies have been made to serve brands rather than undermine them.

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